Philipp Kahler

I am a senior quantitative analyst, trader, book author, consultant, conference speaker, quantitative blogger…

My career in institutional algorithmic trading started in 1999 after studying electrical engineering. Ever since I used algorithmic strategies and analysis for customers and my own portfolio. My main focus is to design and implement creative algorithmic trading strategies and rule based market analysis for institutional clients in stocks and commodities. My trading and analysis time frame is everything below HFT. I am affiliated with the Tradesignal company and have been using their software since 1997.

Beside trading my heart beats for historic photographic processes and large/ultra large format cameras.

wet plate collodion process

This is my passion driven private blog. I publish my own opinions and research on an irregular basis, free for all, no ads or newsletters, nothing to buy.

If you would like to know more about my Tradesignal consultancy offer then contact me on LinkedIn

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