Pears Global Real Estate – calling the devil by its name

Gentrification has got a new victim; After 33 years my favourite pub in Berlin, Syndikat, has been kicked out by unethical investment company  Pears Global Real Estate, run by the family patriarch Mark Pears.

It has been more than a pub for the local community. Organising civic movements, providing a space for meetings, good music and drinks at prices everybody could afford. A bastion against gentrification got killed by some greedy investors hiding behind a letter box company construction.

UPDATE: the fight is still on – come in and have a beer. Help to keep Syndikat open and defend it against Mark Pears. Weisestr. 56, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Syndikat vs. Pears Global Real Estate

According to the Syndikat, the entry of Pears Global Real Estate into the German market took place at the latest in 2014, when at least one package with about three dozen houses was taken over and divided among five letterbox companies. The business purpose, which became clear, is laid out to maximum net yield. (taz)

The syndicate collective has not yet received any reaction from the owners, according to its own statements, and the DIM property management has not responded to enquiries and offers for talks for several weeks. “As property manager, DIM acts on behalf of the owner. We cannot comment on the facts of the case”, the company explained in response to a request from Tagesspiegel.

Syndikat Berlin R.I.P.

Mark Pears Global Real Estate: Calling the devil by its name

Maximising the net yield for the Pears family is destroying my neighbourhood. Refusing any discussion with the local community and just maximising net yield, hiding behind letterbox companies and living on the cost of the people is not a strategy I can support. In the end it will be a very short term strategy.

May the Pears family choke on the money made from this deal! Go and destroy your own neighbourhood!

Company details: Pears real estate Germany

Ficken statt Beten

Ficken statt Beten


2 thoughts on “Pears Global Real Estate – calling the devil by its name

  1. Dies war eine heruntergekommene Einrichtung, die GVO-Alkohol anbot. Es tut nicht gerade der örtlichen Gemeinschaft einen Gefallen. Was ist die große Sache?

    • Das Syndikat ist seit Jahrzehnten ein Treffpunkt für die Nachbarschaft. Kiezfeste werden organisiert, Mieter über ihre Rechte aufgeklärt, oder einfach eine Kneipe mit guter Musik und ein treffpunkt quer durch alle sozalen Schichten. Was wird durch Pears Global besser???

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