Tradesignal Support and Consulting

Algorithmic trading, smart beta, systematic alpha? Quantitative analysis, machine learning? Let my 20 years of experience inspire your work.

Tradesignal Support and Consulting for Professionals

Professional traders have better things to do than to read software manuals.  Their focus should be on perfect market analysis and effortless execution of their trades. I am here to help you, at your desk, to make Tradesignal your trading assistant and reach a stable performance in technical trading.

My 20 years of hands-on experience in institutional trading, experience in stocks, options, commodities and Forex, perfect programming skills, an open mind and a in-depth knowledge of technical trading analysis tools and algorithmic trading are available to you to archive your goals.

My support and consulting offer for you

Regardless if you want to get a basic training or discover the hidden gems of your Tradesignal software, whenever you want to see some new market analysis or need a new edge in trading, contact me. I am available to assist institutional traders and trading departments on the following topics:

  • Tradesignal Equilla Programming – Basic to Expert
  • Tradesignal algorithmic trading – An introduction to algorithmic trading
  • Algorithmic trading: smart beta for stock investors
  • Algorithmic trading: strategy design for energy and commodities markets
  • Algorithmic trading: setups for option traders
  • Algorithmic trading: optimizer and back-tests, statistics and statistical traps
  • Custom research: get an edge with unconventional ideas and sound research

Tradesignal is may favorite tool for general market analysis and strategy back test, but I am open to other software products you are using in our office.

My goal for you

I am not a fan of black box strategies. My goal is to leave you with all the skills needed to decide by your own on how to proceed. You will learn how to program, you will learn how to develop algorithmic trading strategies, you will learn how to avoid the traps of algorithmic trading, you will learn how to keep your risk under control and generate superior results. Year after year.

This is an ongoing process. During my time with you and at your desk we will combine our efforts and experience to archive these goals. In the weeks and months after I will be available for all arising questions and I will be available for help, whenever you need it, whatever you need.

Connect for performance

Call me and let`s have a talk about algorithmic trading and advanced market analysis. Let’s speak about how I can help your department and your individual performance. Let`s talk about your goals in trading and how I can make my knowledge and experience work for you. I am available all over Europe.


Phone  +44 7757 269110

LinkedIn: Philipp Kahler

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