Tradesignal 10: Integrating Python Workshop

Tradesignal Version 10 comes with a full blown integration of Python. In combination with the proprietary programming language Equilla this will dramatically speed up your developments.

Integrating Python in Tradesignal 10

I am offering a customizable in-house workshop on integrating Python in Tradesignal 10 for institutional Tradesignal customers. Learn everything you need to know to make your python codes work in Tradesignal.

Integrating Python in Tradesignal 10 will combine Python with all the advanced features of the Tradesignal software. Use live data, use backward adjusted and synthetic data, backtest and optimize the parameters of your python strategies and make use of all the build in reports like advanced trade statistics and stability of parameters.

Python in Tradesignal

Python in Tradesignal

Content of Tradesignal 10 Python Workshop

  • Executing Python code in Tradesignal
  • Connecting Tradesignal live data to Python code
  • Connecting csv and xls data to Python/Tradesignal
  • Working with Python modules in Tradesignal
  • Using a standalone Python installation
  • Python and the Tradesignal Optimizer
  • Examples of machine learning and strategy design

Contact me for an individual offer for this in-house workshop (anywhere in Europe):

LinkedIn: Philipp Kahler

mail: kahler at quanttrader dot at