Raspberry Pi2 WordPress Hosting

Long page load time? A miracle of technology that something appears at all!

This blog isn’t somewhere on the internet, it’s right here under my desk.
Running on a cigarette box sized computer for less than  40£, operated with a free Linux based operating system, with open source web server and only 2-3 watt power consumption.

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The mini computer is connected to the internet via my private dsl line, which limits the maximum upload (and your max download speed) to 640kBit/sec.

The adress quanttrader.ddns.net is forwarded by no-ip. com to the current IP address of my DSL router.

Since the computing power of my Raspberry Pi2 computer is very limited, the first byte in particular takes a long time. (every page request generates a new dynamic webpage) Almost 4 seconds elapse between your request of the website and the response of my small server. It just takes a little bit until WordPress and mysql can deliver a dynamic website… (over 6 sec until the page “visually” is finished loading)

speedtest no cache

speedtest no cache


Thanks to the WordPress plugin ZenCache, a new copy of the page is not created dynamically with every call, but you get a static page from the cache. This relieves my small server and leads to a significantly improved loading time.

Raspberry Pi 2 WordPress ZenCache Speedtest

Recurring visitors will not get the loading time consuming images sent again; thanks to the support of browser-side cache by the Lightpd webserver the page is completely displayed in just over one second.

speedtest lighttpd zen cache review

stay patient…