practitioners technical trading workshop

A one day technical trading boot camp for novice and experienced traders.

  • Learn the basics of market structure and technical analysis
  • Get ready for quantitative research and rule based trading
  • Design and test quantitative strategies
  • Trade short options for low volatility returns

This workshop will enable you to develop a sound trading strategy and generate consistent returns with controlled volatility. No degrees in mathematics/statistics or programming skills are required. All the needed knowledge will be presented during the workshop. Stocks, commodities, futures, fx and options will be covered. Although all shown ideas are useful for all markets, the workshop can be tailored to your market/trading frequency.

The workshop is available in German and English. The Tradesignal software package, broker software and other free resources will be used. The shown approaches can be traded independently from your software. To make full use of the shown strategies a minimum account size of$ is recommended.

Basic chart reading

  • Chart types: Bar/candle, Point&Figure and Renko Charts
  • Market structure: Swing points and Dow theory
  • Defining support&resistance
  • Expected move length
  • Basic chart patterns for traders

Working with indicators

  • Market phase definition: sideway or trending
  • Indicator based chart patterns (overbought, oversold, reversal)
  • Multiple time frame indicators
  • Cross market indicators
  • Volatility based indicators

Trade entries

  • Long and short term entries
  • Chart pattern based entries
  • Indicator based entries
  • Probability of success of entries

Trade exits

  • Risk based exits
  • Profit based exits
  • Indicator and chart based exits
  • Portfolio/cross market based exits

Position sizing and position risk management

  • Weighting of positions – momentum and volatility
  • Beta normalised portfolio exposure
  • Risk of ruin, probability of success
  • Controlling volatility and momentum of returns

Introduction to algorithmic trading

  • Rule based trading
  • Setting up a trading strategy
  • Algorithmic entries and exits
  • Back testing a trading strategy
  • How to interpret the statistics
  • When to kill your strategy

Pitfalls of algorithmic trading

  • Curve fitting and optimisation of parameters
  • Slippage and execution costs
  • Influence of human errors in execution

Trading naked  – introduction to options trading

  • Introduction to selling naked options
  • Introduction to options pricing – delta, gamma, vega and theta
  • Basic option strategies
  • Finding the right strategy for every market environment
  • Delta neutral portfolios

Pricing / Booking

For institutional clients the workshop can be done in your office in Europe.

The price for institutional customers in Europe is 1450€ per day (excl. tax) for up to 3 participants. 500€ for each additional attendee.

The price for 8 45min online sessions + 3 30min follow up sessions (private customers only) is 1250€ (excl. tax)

The algorithmic and option trading parts are also available as separate in-house workshops. Please inquire for details.


If interested in this workshop please contact me on LinkedIn or +44 7757 269 110 (voice/whatsup/signal/telegram).

Institutional customers of the Tradesignal software must book via their Tradesignal sales representative.


Money back guarantee: If you do more than 250 trades within the first year after the workshop, stick to the rules and still do not manage to get a positive return you will get back the workshop fees! (private traders only)

I am putting my money where my word is – real money track record available!