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Collodion Process vs. Digicam

Collodion Process vs. Digicam

At university I learned that speculation on the stock market cannot be successful. Markets are efficient, simple approaches do not work.
In my traders job at Bankgesellschaft Berlin I  consistently generated nice profits using simple algorithmic trading strategies.
Then I wrote a book about the art of designing and using algorithmic trading strategies in an institutional environment.
As a private trader, I am invested in equities when they are bullish, and I use my algorithmic trading knowledge to act as a consultant for institutional traders.

Algorithmic trading gives you a lot of free time; no discussions where the market might go, just execute the given trades at the end of the week.
Time for  my hobbies: historical photographic processes, large-format cameras, ultra large format pinhole.



I like to search for the end of the world.

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Кишинёв /republic of Moldova